Third Crime Lucky

Senior sleuth Virginia is back and better than ever in the third book in the Breeze Village cozy mystery series by Kate Maclean.

The newest resident of Breeze Village, Virginia is enjoying a fresh chapter of her retirement. Her days are spent knitting, playing cards, and trading gossip, a welcome reprieve from her recent investigations. When rumors spread that Seaview has a serial killer on the loose, she’s happy to sit back and speculate with the rest of the town.

But when the killer sets their sights on Colleen, Breeze Village’s resident psychic, Virginia is forced to make a choice: bask in the safety of her quiet retirement or throw herself headlong into a dangerous investigation.

With best friends Marney and Lawrence by her side as always, and with the help of Breeze Village’s finest retirees, can Virginia catch a killer in time to protect her friend?

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